Academic Programs - Undergraduate

Socil Studies

Admission requirements:

The student shall conform to the admission requirements as determined by the list of admissions at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The study period:

Four-year Bachelor of years and a five-year Bachelor of Honor

Degree conferred:

Bachelor of Science in Development Studies by the above provision

Semester: - 1

Course NameHoursCourse code
inroducation to Managment3(0+3)GN113
inroducation to Psychology3(0+3)GN115
Introduion to Economics3(0+3)GN116
Introducation to Socity and Anthropology3(0+3)GN117
Arabic(Dictionaries Arts of Expression )2(0+2)UAR40
Fundamental of Computer3(0+3)UCS13
English (Introductory in Skills)2(0+2)UEN11

Semester: - 2

Course NameHoursCourse code
inroducation to Development Studies3(0+3)GN123
Priciples of Accouting3(0+3)GN124
Puplic Adiminstration3(0+3)GN125
Population Studies3(0+3)GN127
inroducation to Political SCience3(0+3)GN127
Linear Algebra3(0+3)GN127
Arabic (Writing and Arts of Expression )2(0+2)UAR20
English (Language in use )2(0+2)UEN21

Semester: - 3

Course NameHoursCourse code
Development Theories3(0+3)CS135
Principles of Social Work(0+3)3CS137
Introducation to Strategic Planning3(0+3)DP174
Principle of Statistics3(0+3)DP136
Arabic(Dictionaries Arts of Expression )2(0+2)UAR40
English (Professional Skill)2(0+2)UEN41
Source of Islamic Knowelade2(0+2)UIS22

Semester: - 4

Course NameHoursCourse code
Rural Sociology(0+3)3CS151
Media and Society3(3+0)CS143
Social Criminology(0+3)3CS145
Social Psychology3(0+3)CS146
Sociology of organizations3(0+3)GN144
Sudanese Studies3(3+0)USS14
English (Professional Skill)2(0+2)UEN41
Goals of Islamic Shariaa2(0+2)UIS12

Semester: - 5

Course NameHoursCourse code
Rural Sociology(0+3)3CS151
Sociology of Development(0+3)3CS153
Sustainable Development3(0+3)DP143
Principles of Demography (0+3)3CS155
Social Work Processes(0+3)3CS156
Sudan Economy3(0+3)GN152

Semester: - 6

Course NameHoursCourse code
Theories of Social Change (0+3)3CS161
Sociology of Family(0+3)3CS163
Human Development3(0+3)DP151
Social Policy and Planning0+3)3CS165
Educational Sociology(0+3)3CS166
Political Sociology(0+3)3CS167
Statistics for Social Sciences3(0+3)GN162

Semester: - 7

Course NameHoursCourse code
Social Project Planning (0+3)3CS172
Enivroment and Development (0+2)2CS173
Computer Applications in Social Studies(4+1)3CS174
Psychosocial service(0+3)3CS175
Mangement of Social Institutions(0+3)3CS176
Theories of Political Development(0+3)3CS177
Field Training(4+0)2CS178
Research Methodology2(0+2)GN171

Semester: - 8

Course NameHoursCourse code
NGOs and Development (0+3)3CS181
Medical Social Wrok(0+3)3CS182
Women and Development(0+3)3CS183
School Social Work(0+3)3CS184
Health Care (0+3)3CS185
Applied Studies in Social Development Issues (4+0)2CS186

Semester: - 9

Course NameHoursCourse code
Crisis Mangement and Conflicts Resolution3(3+0)CS191
Social Problems2(2+0)CS192
Human Rights and Develoment3(3+0)CS193
Studies in Sudanese Society3(3+0)CS194
Urban Sutdies3(3+0)CS195
Religions and Societies3(3+0)CS196
Society and State3(3+0)CS1103

Semester: - 10

Course NameHoursCourse code
Peace Issues and Development3(3+1)CS1102
Graduation Project6(0+6)GN1104
Society and State3(3+0)CS1103

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