About The Faculty

The Faculty of Developmental Studies was established at University of Gezira on March 16, 2008 at the Um Al-Qura locality , Al-Hudaiba Abu Alhassan District, in accordance with a decision issued by the University of Gezira council. The establishment of the faculty consider an addition to make a developmental renaissance in the region as a whole and the citizens of Al-Hadiba Abu Al-Hasan district have been an effective role in establishing the Faculty infrastructure.The Faculty of Developmental Studies started receiving the first batch of students (32) in the academic year (2009 - 2010) and then followed batch (33) in the academic year (2010 – 2011) and then followed batch (34) in the academic year( 2011 -2012) and then followed batch (35) The academic year 2012 -2013 and then followed (36) In the academic year 2013-2014 In and then followed (37) in the academic year 2014 -2015.


We seek the highest degrees of excellence and sustainability in the field of training, scientific research and community service in the fields of development planning, strategic and community studies and family science.


The mission reflects the specific objectives Which distinguish the faculty from its counterparts, as well as the values and philosophy prevalent in the faculty. The mission is a description of the essence of the existence of the faculty and what it should do and achieve and play a pushing role contributes to the formation of visions of its employees, and gives the legitimacy of the faculty to justify its existence and determine the nature and type of activities that will be and what intends to work in the future. The mission of the faculty is to focus on the changes that have taken place in the Sudanese society during the 1990s and to take into consideration the implications of the globalization era. The faculty of Developmental Studies is committed to achieving real development affecting all aspects of rural and urban life.

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