Development of Planning

Preparing planning cadres at different levels Theoretically and practically in the fields of development planning.

- Prepare cadres to set policies and plans for building basic infrastructure and studied infrastructure at various levels, which will contribute to improving the living standards of the population and developing the Sudanese society to be in the ranks of developed societies.
- Providing the students with the essentials of service necessary to carry out planning, economic and social studies and analysis of statistical data in order to optimize the use of resources.
- Increase the level of use of strategic planning and social survey in the decision-making processes at the level of government and private sector and the community.
- Developing students' ability to assess the impact of the nature of global and regional changes on development in order to avoid the risks involved in preparing development plans and programs.


"We seek the highest degrees of excellence and sustainability in the fields of teaching and scientific research to serve the. COMMUNITY Development Planning."

Development of Planning


"Preparing innovative and applied research and improving its quality in all Fields in which the society develops it."

Development of Planning

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