About The Faculty - Activities

Qualifying students at the level of intermediate diploma, bachelor's and postgraduate studies in the fields of developmental studies.
The Faculty participated in a scientific paper in Turkey on the democratic transformation of North Africa in 2010.
The College participated in a training course on sustainable development in India (May 2012).
The faculty participated in the International Conference of Social Sciences on the discussion of theoretical and methodological frameworks for social sciences and its applications in the world with the participation of about 80 countries (in the United Arab Emirates Emirate of Dubai).
Three health workshops on malaria – schist-soma and tuberculosis were organized by the Health Committee in Umm al-Qari. Five health workshops on malaria - schistosomiasis and tuberculosis were organized by the Health Committee in Umm al-Qura.
More than 7 lectures on AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases were presented by students of the International African University and the Sudanese Society for the Protection of the Family in cooperation with JASMAR and Mr. Azzedine Hassan Mohamed Nooh.
Two educational lectures on harmful habits and female genital mutilation were presented by students of Al-Ahfad University.

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